Our software and services span many industries with a specialization in healthcare, higher-level education, Not-For-profit, services and distribution. See our Infuzion solution specifically for the Wine & Spirits Wholesale.

Industry Verticals


Higher Education
We work with several area colleges and understand the need to account for items across funds and fiscal years, the various employee and work-study payroll challenges. We specialize in providing reports that allow Human Resources, Payroll and Accounting to get the information they need in a timely manner.


We have several clients that provide various healthcare related services and are familiar with the challenges of cash vs accrual accounting and being able to allocate all aspects of financial responsibility back to many cost centers.


We have many non-profit clients and are familiar with how the software needs vary between fiscal vs calendar year, funding methods and general budget concerns. 


Wine and Spirits Wholesale - Infuzion by DiFi
Let us implement a complete company software package that works in all aspects of your business – from the warehouse to the sales offices to the accounting department.